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Biology tips

The Biology brand name identities forceps and tweezers especially produced for extreme precision laboratory work. The tips on these tools are generally used for work under the microscope and are about twice as thin as tips on regular instruments.

Standard tips (high precision, medical)

Standard tips are made for high precision work performed consistently, such as assembly under a microscope. Since our tips are hand-finished, please note that measurements on the catalogue are indicative and that slight minor variations may occur.

Electronics / Industrial tips

These tips are especially produced for carrying out simple tasks that do not require high precision work. Since our tips are hand finished, please note that measurements on the catalogue are indicative and that slight minor variations may occur. These tools offer the best quality/price ratio on the market.

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instrument length

Personal preference may be a consideration when selecting the length of a tool. While people with large hands may feel more comfortable using longer instruments, the position and feel of the tool in the hand will also help you to decide the appropriate length you for you. Generally, tools measure 115 mm in length; however, we also supply tools with lengths ranging between 90 and 185 mm.

Curved angles tweezers

We have developed a number of instruments designed to make your work easier. Our angled and curved tweezers will enable you to hold tweezers parallel or at 90° to the job you are working on. While most surgeons or workers prefer using 45° angles on their tips, others prefer flexibility and an angle that will adapt to any working position. We recommend using these curved instruments while working on tight jobs with restricted space.

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