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Surfaces of the dumont tips

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Finish options inside the tips

standard polished

Standard polished finish.
surface Dumont polie standard

standard matt polished tips

Standard matt polished finish.
surface Dumont standard mat

Brushed tips 30 microns

To have a better grab on tiny components (Treatment almost invisible to the naked eye).
surfaces Dumont brossées 30 micron

Inside tips serration (upon request)

Inside tips serrations to guarantee a better grip.
surface Dumont pointe striage

Sanded tips (upon request)

To work with small diamonds and stones.
surface Dumont sablage grossier

Mirror-polished finish (upon request)

To minimize shocks and marks on components while working.
surface Dumont poli-miroir

Removable tips

Removable ceramic tips, screwed in: hard, isolating and antistatic tips.
surface Dumont pointe rapportee


Finish option for your tools

surface Dumont polie standard

Polished finish

Standard finish for all polished tools.
surface Dumont mate

MAtt finish

Non-reflecting finish, convenient to work with a microscope.
surface Dumont revetement partiel

Partially coated

Tools with Teflon or Epoxy coated shanks, tips are polished.
surface Dumont revetement complet

Completely coated instruments

Some tools are completely coated with epoxy or Teflon to protect delicate components from shocks while working.
surface Dumont polie striage

Polished finish with serration

Outside serration provides the forceps with a better grip. Standard with all medical forceps.
surface Dumont poli-miroir

Mirror-polished finish

Forceps with a mirror polished finish on its shanks will provide you with the most beautiful tools. Standard tips have a matt finish.
surface Dumont chrome noir

Black chromium finish

Black chromium offers a better superficial hardness and a uniform finish.
surface plaque or

Gold plated finish

A golden finish on your tweezers.
surface Dumont bague de serrage bijouterie

Clamping ring - Jewellery

Jewellery tweezers sometimes are fitted with a locking system to hold stones or components secure.
surface Dumont bague de serrage

Clamping ring - Medical (Patented)

Patented clamping ring allowing the user to effortlessly keep the forceps in place: its clamping ring slides down along the shank of the forceps shanks following gravity; it then guarantees a constant opening of the forceps.
surface Dumont pose doigt

Finger pad (Mod. dep.)

For improved ergonomics and greater comfort of use.

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